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I have a web-app where people have to confirm there creation of accounts by clicking a link in the email which moves them from the 'signedup' table to the 'accounts' tables so they can then log in. I want to start sending all my users a newsletter but I don't want to have to send them all a Mailchimp opt-in email so I was wondering if I could use the MailChimp API to combine there MailChimp opt in with my web-app confirmation and try and kill two birds with one stone?

I have tried downloading my accounts table in a CSV and tried importing it, but I would have to do that every week with all the new users and that could take a while and could run into some problems.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Certainly can!

// Send data to Mailchimp
$api = new MCAPI('your-api-key');

$result = $api->listSubscribe( 'list-number', $data['email'], $merge_vars, 'html', false );
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Thanks man, just had a look at that and a little read of the Google Groups, they work on a trust basis. Will make my life so much easier now :) – user1217709 Nov 5 '12 at 2:06

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