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I need to come up with a an estimate to build a system where I can have several types of users (roles) with different levels of permissions or capabilities.

If it sounds like I'm using a lot of WordPress jargon well it's because I develop mainly for WordPress but this is beyond the abilities of WordPress. My client had heard of BuddyPress and asked if we could use it to build his website but after doing a test install I quickly realized that I would have to frankenstein the website with a bunch of disjoint plugins, which, would make it so unstable in the long run.

One good thing that BuddyPress had, however, is that it is mainly a social networking plugin that allows users to follow each other, create groups, post on each other's walls/profile and the like. But what it couldn't do is allow for different user levels to have different capabilities.

I was wondering if anyone knew a PHP based solution such as a CMS that would allow me to do what I need to do with relative ease. That is, maybe a CMS with a module/add-on/extension or whatever that gives granular user control and yet has Social networking features.

Mind you, when I say social networking, I don't mean that I want it to integrate with Facebook/Twitter / Google + either. What I mean, and maybe I'm not technically accurate enough on this, is that it has features that facilitate the interaction of users of the site such as posting on each other's profiles / private messaging. Stuff like that.

This needs to be a PHP based solution also. I'm also open to doing a custom solution and if anyone can suggest a good PHP framework to start with that would be great too.

Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

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Drupal ( has detailed user and group permissions. There are many plug-ins and they take advantage of the fact that customizing permissions is really easy.

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