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I am new to openstack and i have a few questions about storage in openstack : Glance store images and their metadata, Swift store actual virtual disk files, aiming at data durability. But what is the nova-volume(or the Block Storage) for? What is volume exactly?

And what is the difference between these components and real file system? What is virtual disk ,do they really be stored in the real file disk?

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This comment would be more suited to serverfault.com, since it doesn't directly relate to programming. – Lorin Hochstein Nov 5 '12 at 2:50

You're a bit confused about the storage components.

Glance is an image registry. Its main job is to store metadata about images for instances (kernels, root disk images, etc). It can also store those images, but the storage is configurable -- it can be local disk or swift.

Swift is an object store. It stores objects in buckets. You could think of buckets as directories and objects as files if that would help.

nova-volume (now replaced by Cinder) is a block store. It stores filesystems, and can be used for disk images on instances.

Virtual disks are the disks used by the virtual machines openstack manages (called instances in openstack speak). They are stored as either files on the compute node filesystem, or as block storage, depending on configuration.

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