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In SQL Server 2008, I would like to insert some elements and values into a specific child element of an xml column based on the value of another of that element's children (ID in this case). The xml currently looks like this:

    <Activities />

However, there could potentially be multiple <User> elements within the xml, and I need to insert only into the <User> of a specific <ID> value. How can I achieve this in MS SQL Server 2008/ t-sql?

Edit: To simplify, I am grabbing the xml from that column and setting it to a variable:

DECLARE @profiles_xml xml
DECLARE @profile_id int
SET @profile_id = 16
SET @profiles_xml = (SELECT profiles from tbl_applied_profiles WHERE
profiles.value('(Profile/ID)[1]','int')= @profile_id)

The resulting xml value of @profiles_xml looks like what I have above.

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Mikael Eriksson posted an answer that addresses this question on a similar question I asked, the answer is here: Use of xml.modify to insert parameters into specific element of an xml column

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