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I'm trying to build an application starting from Balloons (http://balloons.io), which uses Backbone.js and express to setup the UI. I've never used these frameworks, and I'm having a hard time actually making changes.

As I understand it, .styl files are compiled into CSS files. How do I do this compilation?

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For production systems you'd use a stylus executable to convert .styl to .css before deployment. It's as easy as doing:

stylus css --out stylesheet_dir

in the folder where your .styl files reside.

For development you can use stylus middleware to convert files on the fly.

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Would you expect that the stylus commands would be executed as part of backbone boilerplate? I thought that running "bbb release" all this stuff would happen behind the scenes. –  ZECTBynmo Nov 5 '12 at 14:42

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