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Is there any way to change a parameter in a url request on load?

My route basically checks for a language in the url http://localhost/<language>/<controller>

However the problem is that if a random text is inserted in the language parameter, it then loads the default text which the way I set up the translation files will output things like menu.home

Is there anyway for a controller to redirect to a url with the default language? for example http://localhost/fakeLanguage/home will redirect to http://localhost/en/home and http://localhost/fakeLanguage/about redirects to http://localhost/en/about

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Your Route must filter segments with regex, something like this:

// load available language names from config
$langs = Kohana::$config->load('lang.available');
Route::set('lang_route', '<language>/<controller>', array('language' => '('.implode('|', $langs).')'))

Or use route filters, which can easily modify route segment values.

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That was exactly what I was looking for thanks! the only problem I had was that the '['.implode('|', $langs).']' had to be '('.implode('|', $langs).')' – ChaoticLoki Nov 29 '12 at 9:05
Fixed that, thanks. – biakaveron Nov 29 '12 at 9:32

While this is only a rough idea of one possible solution, you may want to consider defining an array of all the supported languages. Something like this:

    Part 1 - Create an array of all the known languages. Consider making this part of the application configuration file.
$languages = array(

And then check against that array within the controller file. Perhaps using the controller's before method:

    Part 2 - In the controller file add a before method that checks to see if the requested language exists.
public function before(){
        // If the language is unknown perform a redirect.

Converting the first segment of the URL structure above can be done with code like:

    // Get the current URI
    $url = $this->request->detect_uri();

    // Get the query string
    // Note: If you aren't interested in preserving the query string this next line can be removed.
    if($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] != '') $url .= '?'.$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];

    // Set the default language. Consider setting this in your application configuration file instead.
    $defaultLanguage = 'pirate';

    // Replace the first URI segment with the default language.
    $redirectURL = preg_replace("/^\/.*?(\/.*)$/",("/{$defaultLanguage}$1"),$url,1);
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I completely forgot that there was a before method. thanks for pointing that out. this is basically what I'm doing right now. thanks for that :) – ChaoticLoki Nov 5 '12 at 6:27
I still have the problem of figuring out how to change only one portion of the uri – ChaoticLoki Nov 5 '12 at 6:49
Are your URLs consistent enough for you to lean on convention? If so running a RegEx replace on the path might do the trick. Maybe something with a pattern like "\^/.*?(/.*)$\" and a replace string of "/en$1"? – Matt Rohland Nov 5 '12 at 13:50
Yeah they're consistent enough, the language parameter always comes first in all routes, I'll try that thanks – ChaoticLoki Nov 5 '12 at 15:53

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