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I'm beginning to work through Practical Common LISP and the first exercise is to write a simple database. I'm using GNU CLISP 2.48 (2009-07-28) on cygwin.

This code, which I've compared against the book several times, doesn't produce output the way the book says it should

(defun make-cd (title artist rating ripped)
  (list :title title :artist artist :rating rating :ripped))
(defvar *db* nil)
(defun add-record (cd) (push cd *db*))
(add-record (make-cd "Roses" "Kathy Mattea" 7 t))
(add-record (make-cd "Fly" "Dixie Chicks" 8 t))
(add-record (make-cd "Home" "Dixie Chicks" 9 t))
(defun dump-db ()
  (dolist (cd *db*)
   (format t "~{~a:~10t~a~%~}~%" cd)))


I get

TITLE:    Home
ARTIST:   Dixie Chicks
*** - There are not enough arguments left for this format directive.
      Current point in control string:

I don't understand format or LISP well enough to being to troubleshoot. The book says I should be getting a list of all the records in the database. What has gone wrong?

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First, let's look at the return from (make-cd):

[12]> (make-cd "Home" "Dixie Chicks" 9 t)
(:TITLE "Home" :ARTIST "Dixie Chicks" :RATING 9 :RIPPED)

You aren't including a value for :ripped! Change (make-cd) to:

(defun make-cd (title artist rating ripped)
  (list :title title :artist artist :rating rating :ripped ripped))

Note the ripped after :ripped.

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Ugh, how silly of me! I spent 15 minutes cross-checking that format string. – user151841 Nov 5 '12 at 13:51

If you use the compiler in CLISP, it tells you what is wrong:

[1]> (defun make-cd (title artist rating ripped)
       (list :title title :artist artist :rating rating :ripped))   

[2]> (compile 'make-cd)
WARNING: in MAKE-CD : variable RIPPED is not used.
         Misspelled or missing IGNORE declaration?
1 ;

The variable RIPPED is not used.

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The format directive ~{...~} is an iterative construct, and its corresponding argument is expected to be a list. Furthermore in this case, because of the two occurrences of ~a, each iteration will consume two items, so the total number of items in the list is expected to be even. Yet you provided it with an odd number of items.

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