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Simple coding assignment: Take text from a textbox and flip it so it's backwords:

i.e. Hello My Name Is David would be "divad si eman ym olleh" ( The program doesn't have to match case, just the letters)

This is something I found, do you have any other methods?

Dim str As String = Textbox1.Text
Dim arr As New List(Of Char)

For Each l As Char In arr
lblOne.Text &= l
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You can do it in one line with using the StrReverse function (in Microsoft.VisualBasic).

Dim myText As String = "My Name is Dave"
Dim revText As String = StrReverse(myText)
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Perfect thank you. – Ds.109 Nov 5 '12 at 13:55

Quick one liner.

lblOne.Text = String.Join("", "divad si eman ym olleh".Reverse())
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You can use String.Join instead of looping through each character and concatenating:

lblOne.Text = String.Join("", arr)
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Even though I selected a different answer, could you explain what string.join does? Thanks – Ds.109 Nov 5 '12 at 13:55
@DavidSalib – lc. Nov 5 '12 at 14:03

create a function that accepts string an returns a reversed string.

Function Reverse(ByVal value As String) As String
    Dim arr() As Char = value.ToCharArray()
    Return New String(arr)
End Function

and try using it like this,

lblOne.Text  = Reverse(Textbox1.Text)
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Here is a similar way but with fewer number of lines.

Dim Original_Text As String = "Hello My Name is Ahmad"
Dim Reversed_Text As String = ""

For i = Original_Text.Length To 1 Step -1
    Reversed_Text &= Original_Text.Substring(i, 1)
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The simplest method to reverse a string is :

Dim s As String = "1234ab cdefgh"
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@ Martin Liversage : see updates – Suji Jul 29 '14 at 9:36
  1. First Create a textbox, it will be TextBox1
  2. then create a button and name it Reverse
  3. then Create a label, it will be Label1
  4. Now double click on Reverse Button (Go to Button Click Event)
  5. and type following code.
  6. and run software And type your string in textbox and click on reverse button.

    Dim MainText As String = TextBox1.Text
    Dim revText As String = StrReverse(MainText)
    Label1.Text = revText
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