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For my WPF application, I created several UserControls which each have their own ViewModel. The ViewModels are all based on a PageViewModelBase which contains a variable "_context".

The UserControls are presented as pages in a Wizard Dialog, which has its own WizardViewModel. WizardViewModel has the variable _masterContext which is passed to the respective child ViewModels via their constructors. For example,

Child1ViewModel vm = new Child1ViewModel(_masterContext);

and the constructor of Child1ViewModel :

public Child1ViewModel(Context context) : base(context)

and the PageViewModelBase :

protected PageViewModelBase(Context context)
    _context = context;

My intention is to have only 1 _masterContext, which can be accessed via each of the ChildViewModels. And each of the child views can bind to this and supply values to various fields in the master context.

However I am encountering the problem that a field that I bind to TextBox.Text gets reset to "" whenever I switch from childView1 to childView2. I'm not sure is this due to my MMI code, or there are more than 1 instance of _masterContext in the application, i.e. my method above is not doing as it should.

What could be causing this?

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Managed to find the culprit resetting the value. I implemented a behavior to handle the TextChanged event of the TextBox. Somehow that used in conjunction with the Binding will cause the value to be reset. Once I took that away, the binding was working fine.

Due to my limited knowledgem I'm unable to explain why. But thanks all for your time.

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