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When I navigate to another view controller with y=this two lines it works ok.

  Inventory *obj = [[Inventory alloc] initWithNibName:@"Inventory" bundle:nil]; 
  [self.navigationController pushViewController:obj animated:YES];

But if i write this line [Which we must write]

[obj release];

It gives me bad access error.

Pls help.


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1)Use Arc 2)Where are you writing the [obj release]; ? – Midhun MP Nov 5 '12 at 5:02
You mean auto release? I m not useing ARC. – user1162056 Nov 5 '12 at 5:05
Agreed. If you put [obj release] right after the pushViewController, then the object will have a +1 retainCount (because the pushViewController will retain it for you) and when you later popViewController, it will be appropriately be cleaned up for you. – Rob Nov 5 '12 at 5:05
same question here where are you release? before inserting nav controller or after? – Sachin Nov 5 '12 at 5:05
The "Use ARC" counsel was undoubtedly just a side comment, not meant to be done in conjunction with the release code which is obviously unneeded with ARC, because you'll have a lot less of these routine memory management problems resulting from putting your release statements in the wrong place. You might, esp given that you're not using ARC, though, use Xcode's static analyzer ("Product" - "Analyze" or shift+command+B), which will highlight many routine memory management problems in your non-ARC code. – Rob Nov 5 '12 at 5:09

your object of class was Released then it access again that object who already released so you got this bad access error. please read this following link Article for Understanding EXC_BAD_ACCESS

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Inventory *obj = [[[Inventory alloc] initWithNibName:@"Inventory" bundle:nil] autorelease]
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