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<user name="david" password="super"><groups>meganfox</groups></user>
<user name="alen" password="boss"><groups>marvik</groups></user>

I like to get the text value of "groups" . but its getting always None.

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

doc    = ET.parse("users.xml")
root = doc.getroot() #Returns the root element for this tree.
root_new  = ET.Element("person") 
for child in root:
    name                = child.attrib['name']
    password             = child.attrib['password']
for groups in child.findall('groups'): #this is not working for me :(
    gpvalue =  groups.text 

    user  = ET.SubElement(root_new, "user") # create subelement in cycle! 
    group = ET.SubElement(user, "groups")
    group.text = gpvalue

tree = ET.ElementTree(root_new)

import sys

Output am getting :(

    <user name="david" password="super"></groups></user>
    <user name="alen" password="boss"></groups></user>

There is no groups text value. its print only a closed groups. please check the output

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You mean print groups.text returns None? – Don Question Nov 5 '12 at 5:08
yes ,:( i need all groups value – SR query Nov 5 '12 at 5:11
Are you sure the output is from the same code? I get this: <person><user name="alen" password="boss"><groups>marvik</groups></user></person> – Janne Karila Nov 5 '12 at 7:12

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1) The entire block from for groups to user.set("password" needs to be indented one more level in. Python's control flow is all about indentation, so this moves it inside the first loop.

2) Are you trying to preserve groups in the new file? Once you have the groups value you don't do anything with it.

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yes i need the same input xml to output xml : please see my edit with my wrong output – SR query Nov 5 '12 at 5:30

replace child. with root. in your second for-loop! This should do it!

Or by the 2nd glance at it, it seems like you wanted to make a nested loop, but your code isn't properly indented! ;-)

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If you want to get the groups values without going via the users, you can use a path:

>>> root.findall("user")
[<Element 'user' at 0x1004d9f90>, <Element 'user' at 0x1004df0d0>]
>>> root.findall("groups")
>>> root.findall("*/groups")
[<Element 'groups' at 0x1004d9fd0>, <Element 'groups' at 0x1004df190>]
>>> [g.text for g in root.findall("*/groups")]
['meganfox', 'marvik']

but the loop seems to work for me:

>>> for child in root:
...     print child.attrib['name'], child.attrib['password'], 
...     for groups in child.findall("groups"):
...         print groups.text,
...     print
david super meganfox
alen boss marvik
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