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Note: clicking on the left chess piece at http://communitychessclub.com/rabren/index.php?clear=1 is supposed to unset $choice and reload the page. But it just reloads the page.

I want to check for a variable state set in javascript.


and if clear == "1" I want to reset $choice_1 with:

if ($_GET['clear']=="1") {empty($_SESSION['choice_1']);}

and rebuild the array and generate new image references.

But what I have doesn't work; it never resets or empties $choice_1

I have an image with a link to the home page:

<img onclick="window.location='index.php?clear=1'; return false;" 
src="images/WL<?php echo $_SESSION['choice_1'];?>.png" alt="pieces" width=128 height=128>

and I have at the top of index.php:

image set:


if ($_GET['clear']=="1") {empty($_SESSION['choice_1']);}

if(!isset($_SESSION['choice_1'])) {
$chessmen = array("N","Q","R","B","K","P"); 

$random_piece = array_rand($chessmen); 
$_SESSION['choice_1'] = $chessmen[$random_piece];


$random_piece = array_rand($chessmen); 
$_SESSION['choice_2'] = $chessmen[$random_piece];
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Empty only determines whether a variable is empty, use unset.

if ($_GET['clear']=="1") {unset($_SESSION['choice_1']);}
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Thank you so much! –  verlager Nov 5 '12 at 5:34

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