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Is it possible to use a nvarchar type sproc variable in an xquery insert statement within the stored procedure? What I mean is something like this, in which an element is inserted only if a child element with the sought for value is present:

DECLARE @profiles_xml xml
DECLARE @profile_id int
DECLARE @user_id nvarchar(50)
SET @profile_id = 20
SET @user_id ='BC4A18CA-AFB5-4268-BDA9-C990DAFE7783'
SET @profiles_xml = (SELECT profiles from tbl_applied_profiles WHERE profiles.value('(Profile/ID)[1]','int')= @profile_id)
SET @profiles_xml.modify('
then <Activity>activity_name5</Activity>
as first
into (/Profile/User/Activities)[1]')

The xml which @profiles_xml contains looks like this:

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You need to use sql:variable("@user_id"), i.e.

SET @profiles_xml.modify('
then <Activity>activity_name5</Activity>
as first
into (/Profile/User/Activities)[1]');
select @profiles_xml;
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That works for the if condition statement as you suggest: if(/Profile/User/ID=sql:variable("@user_id")) But what if I want to also use parameters for the values of elements inserted into xml? When I try: then <Activity><Name>sql:variable("@service_name")</Name></Activity> for the insert, it literally inserts that value and I see <Activity><Name>sql:variable("@service_name")</Name></Activity> in the resulting xml. –  Christian Nov 5 '12 at 12:54

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