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I have music contents for more than 500GB in external HDD. I need to access it from my android application, How can I do this.
1.Can I connect the USB HDD directly to the tablet? and access? OR
2.If I share the content in my local network, can I access it from Wifi like accessing shared folder in windows?
OR any other suggestions plz..

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2 Answers

You should be able to connect it directly to the tablet (with a USB OTG adapter if necessary). It should mount automatically under /sdcard/usbStorage.

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Thanks for your answer. I ll try and get back to u. –  selva Nov 5 '12 at 6:03
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If your tablet lacks a USB host port and OTG adapters won't work due to some tablet-specific limitation (I've had this happen), the free ES File Explorer app will allow you to access network shares.

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