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I want to show a webpage which will be visible in India only and for the rest of the world it should redirect to another page ,can anybody tell me how I can add this functionality using Drupal 7 ?

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You want to use this and do something like this –  Jon Lin Nov 5 '12 at 6:31
@JonLin Geo IP redirect is a Drupal 6 module. –  GoodSp33d Nov 6 '12 at 14:45

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You need to detect IP of user and redirect based on that. To detect IPs you can use Drupal Modules like GeoIP, SmartIP etc.. All these modules only provide APIs i.e you need to write your logic in modules/themes. Choose one for which you need least maintanence. For geoIp you need to keep updating County List DAT file manually once in 3~4 months, I am not sure about others. Once you choose your module you have to write logic for your scenario, something like this (This will redirect users only from front page i.e www.example.com, if you want you can add this to hook_init() so that its checked in all pages.

$cc = geoip_country_code();
if($cc == "IN"){

You can use page--front.tpl.php or make use of drupal_is_front_page() in page.tpl.php to write your own logic.

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