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I have something like this:

Date        Point1 Point2 Point3
01-03-2000     23     57    98
02-03-2000     67     36    77 
03-03-2000     67     25    47 

I wanna get the sum of each column with a function like colSums, but my first column it isn't numeric, is a character type. How do I get the sum?

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If dat is your data frame, you could try

colSums(dat[ , -1])

This will return the sum of each column except the first one (the one with the dates).

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A more generalisable solution:

# set up some fake data with text and numeric columns 
numchr <- list(1:3,letters[1:3])
test <- data.frame(numchr[sample(1:2,10,replace=TRUE)])
names(test) <- letters[1:10]

# which looks like...
> test
  a b c d e f g h i j
1 1 a a a a 1 a 1 1 a
2 2 b b b b 2 b 2 2 b
3 3 c c c c 3 c 3 3 c

# get the sums only for the numeric columns

a f h i 
6 6 6 6
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Another possibility (using @thelatemail's example):

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