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I try to use this link to get the playlist item,

There is a "try-it" interface in the bottom of the page, I input "contentDetails" or "snippet" in the "part", "PL4BF5198F14EEC8A5" in the "ID" field and push "execute". But the result has no item in.

If I use this link in the youtube, I can get the playlist.

So I want to ask if I fill anything wrong in the "try-it" table.

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Make sure you're putting the playlist ID under the "playlistId" field further down the page and NOT the first "id" field.

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You need to be authorized for that call to go through, did you click on the "Authorize requests using OAuth 2.0" switch to authorize the page to get that list on your behalf (using oAuth2)?

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You only need to authenticate if the playlist is not set as public. As far as their docs go. I will be doing that eventually. But for me I get a result with no items in it and I wonder why... – landed Mar 4 '14 at 16:05

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