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I am working with R version 2.14.1-1 on Ubuntu 12.04, using spplot to plot GIS data, specifically 2008 vote tallies by precinct.

I am a bit new to R. I have researched my problem without finding a solution. I would like to add units to the scale bar, in this case something like "% of vote" running vertically down the bar.

My code so far is:


pennStateMap <- readShapeSpatial("/home/jgoodson/stateData/Pennsylvania/shapeFiles/pa_final.shp")
plotvar <- pennStateMap@data$USPP2008

nclr <- 10
class <- classIntervals(plotvar, nclr, style="equal")
poliPallet <- colorRampPalette(c("red1", "blue1"), space="Lab")

pennCounties <- unionSpatialPolygons(pennStateMap, as.numeric(pennStateMap@data$COUNTYFP10))

spCounties <- list("sp.polygons", as(pennCounties, "SpatialPolygonsDataFrame"), col.regions="transparent")

spplot(pennStateMap, "USPP2008", main="2008 Presidential Election Results by Precinct in Pennsylvania", col.regions=poliPallet(10), col="transparent", at=round(class$brks, digits=1), sp.layout = list(spCounties))

I tried adding the units via:
barLabel <- list("sp.text", c(40, -71), "Dem % of Two-Party Vote", srt=-90)
and then adding that to sp.layout. But this will not go outside the drawing box for the geographic data, so it disappears when I try to get to the correct side of the scale bar.

I would appreciate any help I can get on how to accomplish this.

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Since the file pa_final.shp is available on your computer only, the code is not reproducible. – Sven Hohenstein Nov 5 '12 at 7:51

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