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When serving my django-cms application on apache with mod_wsgi I can't get the text-plugin to work.

The difference is that when serving on apache the textedito tries to get an url that does not exist. On Apache: /admin/js/iframe/default/wymiframe.html

With manage.py runserver /static/cms/wymeditor/iframe/default/wymiframe.html

the wymiframe.html file is present in my static folder and is accessible but not via the wrong URL that I get when running the app through apache.

What do I do to get the text-plugin requesting the right URL?

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What have you set STATIC_URL to in your settings file? That in part is what controls paths when links are created.


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My problem was that I have static content on a subdomain and did not setb Access-Control-Allow-Origin since django-cms uses a mix of iframes generaded with the admin interface and some content from the static folder. Thanks anyways! – Joelbitar Nov 5 '12 at 8:21

My problem was that I served static content on a subdomain and I had problems with Access Control.

My solution was to set

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

in my apache config file

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