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Org manual says "A property is a key-value pair associated with an entry". A proper key-value data structure can store anything in a value, including another associative array. But properties seemingly can't.

  • Can i emulate nested properties?
  • If i can't, how should it be elegantly implemented in theory?

The nested properties could enable many possibilities for org-mode through the heavy use of Property API for countless features. Examples that spring up in mind include: a key-value database, a graph database, adding complex semantic metadata to entries, semantic web apps, even text quests.

A similar idea of ID markers (all posts of the thread) was discussed on org-mode mailing list in 2009. The idea of ID markers is tangentially related to my another desire to generalize org-mode property syntax from Org-mode: using special properties in the drawer. Unfortunately ID markers introduce even more new syntax, and i want to enable the nested data storing incrementally, within current org-mode abilities.

Babel could be a solution, but it requires using programming languages and possibly limits the flexibility. It would be better to use property API only.

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Do you really need properties for that ? If you want to go the database way, why don't you use named tables, to be called by org-babel code blocks ? –  Nikana Reklawyks Nov 5 '12 at 8:20
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