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I have the following Linq-to-SQL code which compiles, but why is the variable products not getting filled?

NorthwindDataContext ndc= new NorthwindDataContext();

var countries= new []{"Uk", "France" ," Germany"};

var productCountries =  from product in ndc.Products
                        join supplier in ndc.Suppliers 
                            on product.SupplierID equals supplier.SupplierID
                        select new {Product=product, Country= supplier.Country};

var products = from productCountry in productCountries
               where countries.Contains(productCountry.Country)
               select productCountry.Product;

I think it is because I have to fetch productCountries first with a foreach, I have tried to do it, inserting the result of the query I use in productCountries in a typed list of Products, but this is not working.

Can you help me to find out how can I get products filled?

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First of all for queries use SQL Profiler.

Also regarding queries where countries.Contains(productCountry.Country) Seems this is not correct.

I haven't ran it yet but looking at queries it looks so. you need to put where condition on the column of the table however you are doing on the array list.

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