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I want to execute background processes concurrently from a lua script

like :

a = io.popen("deploy.exp" .. ip1):read("*a")
b = io.popen("deploy.exp" .. ip2):read("*a")

where a,b are continually running processes. When i do this as above, b will only run when a is finished. And the deploy.exp script is an expect script which used to ssh few servers, and execute some commands. Then I need to fetch some text from a and b. Any idea on this? I tryed with the ExtensionProposal API. When I tried that I get one error messages that say: "* glibc detected free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x08aa2300 ** abort".

The part code is

for k,v in pairs(single) do
command =  k .. " 1 " ..  table.concat(v, " ")
local out = io.pipe()
local pro = assert(os.spawn("./spaw.exp " .. command,{
      stdout = out,  
if not proc then error("Failed to aprogrinate! "..tostring(err)) end
print(string.rep("#", 50))
local exitcode = proc:wait()

Has anybody any experience (or advice / where we should look) with this? or give me a sample? Thanks

BTW: I tried the luaposix, but I can't find any sample by posix.fork(). Does anyone could share one? TKS

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"I can't find any sample by posix.fork()." Can you not simply try it and see what happens? –  Nicol Bolas Nov 5 '12 at 8:18
But i really don't know it usage. OK, by going through a lot of aggravation searching stuff out on the web and reading code, but no luck –  ms2008vip Nov 5 '12 at 8:27

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posix.fork() is part of the luaposix library, which can be installed via luarocks. It works in much the same way as fork(3); it creates an copy of the parent process, and both of them will execute everything after the call to fork(). The return value of fork() is 0 in the child process, otherwise it's the PID of the child that was just spawned. Here's a contrived example:

local posix = require "posix"
local pid = posix.fork()

if pid == 0 then 
  -- this is the child process
  print(posix.getpid('pid') .. ": child process")

  -- this is the parent process
  print(posix.getpid('pid') .. ": parent process")

  -- wait for the child process to finish


-- both processes get here
print(posix.getpid('pid') .. ": quitting")

This should output something like the following:

$ lua fork.lua 
27219: parent process
27220: child process
27220: quitting
27219: quitting
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You might want to try Lua Lanes (or from here), which is a portable threading library for Lua.

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here's a comparison of other concurrency libraries for Lua –  Dmitry Ledentsov Nov 5 '12 at 9:18
and here's an example for lanes (works with Lanes in LuaForWindows) –  Dmitry Ledentsov Nov 5 '12 at 10:17

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