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Say I have a config.ru like:

map '/foo' do
  run MyApp

and a Sinatra app like:

class MyApp < Sinatra::Base
  use Rack::Session::File, key: 'rack.session', domain: 'my.domain.com', path: '/foo', expire_after: 86400 * 14, secret: 'mysecret'

How can I make MyApp agnostic to which request directory (/foo in this case) is used to access it? I have found that request.script_name contains this directory, but I cannot use it for the path: parameter of the use Rack::Session::File statement since it is not defined yet when starting the app from passenger, but only when requests are sent to the application later.

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Unfortunately it's impossible even with dirty hacks.

So I suppose it's possible to do via two different ways:

  1. External configuration file e.g. routes.yml (config.ru uses it for map statement, application to discover such prefix in url);
  2. Environment variable (I've chosen this because it's easy to configure on Heroku.
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