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Hi I'm new to Elgg framework i'm looking for change the themes of the my site, i have used sea themes,pab_theme,puritythree_theme, and i was open the pluigins in admin page, i can't activated the themes


This plugin is invalid: The required file "start.php" is missing.

Check the Elgg documentation for troubleshooting tips

the above message was show, so how can i will change the themes

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Every plugin (and themes are plugins) needs to have a start.php file in the root of the plugin's directory. So the path should look something like: Elgg/mod/seatheme/start.php

The theme needs to reside in the mod dir, and it must have a start file. If, for some reason it doesn't, then you would get that error.

Are you really trying to load three themes? Generally people only load one. I don't think that this is the cause of the error though.

It would be good if you spent some time with the Elgg documentation, specifically: http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Themes

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Sorry, i'm new to elgg that's why i have installed three themes,and i use elgg 1.8 some of the theme only show that error message, at last i use cool theme,anyhow thank you –  user1423506 Nov 7 '12 at 10:47

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