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I am using grails 1.3.7. I have a domain class Product like this:

class Product = {
   String name
   Float price
   Float discount = 0.0

I am performing search in my table using HQL (please dont ask why I'm not using createCriteria and findAllBy, my structure is much more detailed than just one Product domain). I need to search between a particular maxPrice and a minPrice so I do:
select p from Product p where p.price between :minPrice and :maxPrice

I pass the require parameters and all works well. Now I need to change the HQL query so that it searches within the discounted price. How can I do something like:
select p from Product p where p.price between :minPrice - p.discount and :maxPrice - p.discount

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Apparently you can do:
select p from Product p where p.price - p.discount between :minPrice and :maxPrice

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