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I try to open a database with Visual Studio 2008 but I have a error: no such table.

I created database with SQLiteAdmin and I added to project (View -> Server Explorer -> Data Connections -> Add -> SQLiteDatabaseSource)

Moreover, this database (myDatabase.sqlite) is in the folder of the project and the query: "SELECT Descripcion FROM Productos" in a SQLiteAdmin is OK.

I tried to change the path of Data Source but the error continues.

Sorry for my english. Thanks!!!

   string myConnString = "Data Source = myDatabase.sqlite";
   string mySelectQuery = "SELECT Descripcion FROM Productos";
   SQLiteConnection sqConnection = new SQLiteConnection(myConnString);
   SQLiteCommand sqCommand = new SQLiteCommand(mySelectQuery, sqConnection);

       SQLiteDataReader sqReader = sqCommand.ExecuteReader(); //ERROR in run ###

       while (sqReader.Read())
            Console.WriteLine(sqReader.GetInt32(0) + ", " + sqReader.GetString(sqReader.GetOrdinal("Descripcion")));



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Maybe you have to select database? Try USE databaseName; before that query. – Kamil Nov 5 '12 at 9:31
Sorry, the error continues. – esoj Nov 5 '12 at 10:00

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Your connection string needs to be the path to your database.

private const string fmtConnStr = @"Data Source=\\AppFolder\\data.db;Version=3;";
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