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I have a function where I am obtaining results from a Solr index. The code is as follows:

AjaxSolr.theme.prototype.result = function (doc, snippet) {
 var figrhtmlocation=doc.imagelocation;
 var pdfl=doc.filelocation;
 var output = '<div> <h2>' + doc.caption+'</h2>';
 var figlink='<a href="" onclick="show_figure_html\('+'\''+figrl+'\''+'\)"> <p> See Figure </a>';
 var pdlink='<A href="'+pdfl+'"> \t See pdf </p> </A>';
 output += '<p>' + snippet + '</p></div>';
 return output;

As you can see, I am creating a link with each result called "See Figure". Now, when I click that link, in my show_figure_html function I want to do following things:

  1. Open an html page (say, figuredescription.html) in a new window or existing window.

  2. The figuredescription.html page has a div element figuredisplay, where I want to dynamically append the figrlocation as the source of the image file. Something like appending the image location in the figuredescription.html div element.

How can I do that with jquery? I am pretty new to this, so forgive me if this question appears naive. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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For opening in a new window ,change your code to this

  var figlink='<a href="" target="_blank" onclick="show_figure_html\('+'\''+figrl+'\''+'\)"> <p> See Figure </a>';

and on your figuredescription.html, just add

  $(figuredisplay).html('your source for image ie figrlocation ')

here figuredisplay can be your class for your element or id for your element. if class then use ('.figuredisplay ') and for id use ('#figuredisplay')

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But I need to pass my figureloation from show_figure_html() function. How do I do that? –  rivu Nov 5 '12 at 10:07
show your show_figure_html() code –  rajesh kakawat Nov 5 '12 at 10:53

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