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I have a few common files like logger, stopwatch, metrics, etc. Now, I would like to add all of them in 1 and place this files in a common folder under lib.


Now, when I have to use these files. I just do a

require( 'lib/common' )

and should be able to call the logger class

like, etc in the lib files.

How to go about doing it ? Below is the but it requires me to say "Common.logger" whenever I have to use it. I dont want the Common prefix

nconf = require('nconf')

environment = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development'

nconf.file 'environment', "config/#{environment}.json"
nconf.file 'default', 'config/default.json'

module.exports = {
  logger: require('lib/common/logger')
  metrics: require('lib/common/metrics') nconf
  stopwatch: require('lib/common/stop_watch')

Also, how can I make a module of the common folder so that I can just use npm to install it.

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You could use destructuring assignments on your require call.

{logger, metrics, stopwatch} = require("lib/common")

another way would be to use a build tool like grunt.js and call a concatination task before building the final deployment articfact.

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