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I have a simple edit form. For a particular field, if the user doesn't see what they want, they can click a link, and a request form will pop-up in a new window. (FYI, we support mobile browsers.)

If jQueryUI is available, progressive enhancement intercepts the click, opens a jQuery Dialog, the form is filled, validated, and submitted, where it displays the result and allows dialog close.

QUESTION: Is there an 'OEM' or 'Nugettable' MVC helper that implements this simple "ancillary AJAX form" interaction in a downlevel-compatible way?

As far as I can tell, I have to build a whole lot of this from scratch and wire it all up manually, and ASP.NET MVC doesn't even support unobtrusive validation in this scenario. How to use asp.net mvc 3 jquery validate with a jquery dialog that does an ajax submit? Here is an example of building it from scratch for PHP: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Programming/Languages/Scripting/JavaScript/Jquery/A_2099-jQuery-AJAX-Enabled-Forms-in-Modal-Dialog.html

For example, currently I think I'll need to do these things, and they seem very 'encapsulatable':

  • Add an ActionLink with a { target = new }
  • Wire a javascript event handler for the link
  • Read the link target to set it as a jQuery dialog source
  • Reinitialize page validation to overcome the unobtrusive limitation
  • Wire the form submit to validation
  • Read the form post destination to set it as a jQuery AJAX destination
  • Wire form submit to jQuery's AJAX post method
  • At the server, return special response for AJAX form posts
  • Wire the submit success to an OK dialog
  • Wire the submit failure to a dialog redraw

Seems like a lot of effort for an everyday sort of need. Any hints are appreciated.


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I see one close vote - if you mark a close vote please tell me why. If this is a duplicate, I'd sure love to know. It is not a duplicate of the link I included. As you can see, I've included an approach (although somewhat high-effort), but I'm asking if there is a standardized solution for this that I'm overlooking. –  shannon Nov 5 '12 at 10:53
In MVC3, ajax helpers are deprecated. Microsoft is supporting only jQuery ajax going forward. While it's true that what you are suggestiong could be made into a helper, there are no so many different client-side javascript libraries, such as knockout, mootools, etc.. that Microsoft doesn't want to artificially limit what can be done client-side by enforcing specific ajax requirements. –  Erik Funkenbusch Nov 5 '12 at 18:43

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