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Is there a way to have a map on my facebook fanpage with geotaggs from my photos similar with instagram map ?? I have a lots of pictures and i”ve put on everyone location so it would be nice to find a way to display my route on a map.


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I'm not going to provide full code for you to do this, but if you are prepared to put a little bit of code together, this should be pretty simple:

  1. Get a list of photos from your Page. You can do this via Graph API with either the /pageid/photos or /pageid/tagged/ connections. You will of course require an access token in order to request this information.

  2. This will give you a list of Photo IDs, so you should now iterate through these IDs one by one (or using Batch Graph API requests) and request the Graph API object for each Photo ID. In each object will be a place field (if the location has been tagged, and if the user whose access token you are using is able to view the photo) which contains a Place ID.

  3. For each of those Place IDs, there may be (some Places lack this) a location field which will contain a latitude and a longitude.

  4. Use these Geo-points with an API for Google, Bing or some other mapping software to create an HTML page with a map filled with markers that highlight each of the photos.

  5. Use this HTML page as your Page Tab URL for a Facebook app and then follow these instructions to add this as a tab to your Facebook Page.


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