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I have a code where on error I return a status with an error message:

if (err){
        res.render('page1', {status:2, msg:'Server Error : Probable unable to connect'});

In my page1.ejs, I have coded the following way:

    var status = <%= status %>;
    alert ( 'The status = ' + status);
    if( status == 2)
            var msg = "'" + <%= msg %> + "'";


    if( status == 2)
            alert('"' + <%= msg %> + "'");

I am trying to get the value of status and msg - but since 'msg' exists as multiple words I am not able to find a way to capture complete strings as passed from NodeJS. Firebug shows error as:

SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

alert('"' + Server Error : Probable unable to connect+ "'");
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Try this:

alert('<%= msg %>');
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I am not an expert for EJS, but maybe this could work var msg = <%= msg %>; alert(msg);? Or simply alert(<%= msg %>)?

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It comes to same error either way : alert( Server Error : Probable unable to connect ); –  Prakash Nov 5 '12 at 9:59

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