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I am trying to control two DataGridView's with only one of the DataGridView vertical scroll bars being visible.

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2 Answers

protected void grid1_Scroll(object sender, ScrollEventArgs e)
    grid2.VerticallScrollBar.Value = e.NewValue;
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In Form.Load():

Grid1.Scroll += (s, ev) => Grid2.VerticalScrollBar.Value = Grid1.VerticalScrollBar.Value;

Edit: We can't assign Grid2.VerticalScrollingOffset as I had originally suggested, as it's a ReadOnly property.

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VerticalScrollingOffset is a read-only property. –  mkok Feb 7 at 7:39
Yes, you're right. We'll have to use the VerticalScrollBar.Value instead, such as in the first answer. In this case, rather than fighting the UI, I'd also suggest looking at merging the two datasources into one, if that's possible for the original scenario. –  MCattle Feb 7 at 16:33
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