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I have a protobuf definition:

message CBMessage {

    required int32 type = 1; //defines the kind of message that we send
    optional RepoMessage repomessage = 2;

    message RepoMessage { 
        optional int32 nodeid = 1;
        optional int32 timestampsec = 2;
        optional int32 timestampmicrosec = 3;

I would like to access to nodeid in order to modify this parameter. So I create a CBMessage:

CBTxMessages::CBMessage* cbmsg;
this->cbmsg = new CBTxMessages::CBMessage;

And I have tried to modify in this way:


But, I have an error when I compile:

error: pasar ‘const CBTxMessages::CBMessage_RepoMessage’ como el argumento ‘this’ de ‘void CBTxMessages::CBMessage_RepoMessage::set_nodeid(google::protobuf::int32)’ descarta a los calificadores [-fpermissive]

(The error is in spanish but I think that you can understand).

I have investigated and the problem is related with the definition of repomessage() as const, but I need to modify the parameters.

How can I solve this?

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Can someone add the translation in english for non-spanish speakers? –  Alastor Moody Feb 4 '13 at 17:15

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Instead of


you'll need


to set the repomessage field directly. repomessage() will return a const CBMessage_RepoMessage& that cannot be modified.

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