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I am new to mvc3 and razor engine and I would like it so at least one checkbox is checked for the submit button to fire.

 <div class="editor-field">
      @Html.CheckBoxFor(Model => Model.item1)
      @Html.CheckBoxFor(Model => Model.item2)
      @Html.CheckBoxFor(Model => Model.item3)
     <input type="submit" value="Create" />

I know that I would need some kind of label to render text if 0 checkboxes are selected and that each checkbox needs an id so I can look at their values but is there anything in mvc3 razor to make this simpler? Thanks

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One way of many would be to

<input type="submit" value="Create" onclick="return submitWith();"/>
<span id="validationMessage" />

and in your javascript (you might have more here but keeping it simple)

function submitWith(){   
    var checkedCount = $("input:checked").length;
    var valid = checkedCount > 0;
         $('#validationMessage').html('You must select at least one option');
    return valid ;        
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That's perfect, just what I needed. Thanks! –  nick gowdy Nov 5 '12 at 11:09

Give Some valid Name attribute to check boxes.Name of each Check Box Should Be same.Lets Say: Name="CheckBoxForItems"

On button Click event of Create Button:(In js)
Declare array and use each function to check if any check box is checked:

var arr = new Array();
$('input[name="CheckBoxForItems"]:checked').each(function (i) {

 if(arr.length > 0)
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