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I've received the following problem on test review, and am not really sure what to do. Please help me through this!

Suppose you have been assigned the problem of designing a computer program that will write poetry in the Haiku form. The sponsors have told you that they want a genetic algorithm for this task.

The state space is given: each state will consist of three lists of words. All the words will come from a dictionary that will be given to your program at runtime. The dictionary will consist of the words as keys, and for each key, a list of its number of syllables and its grammatical parts of speech as the value for the key. For example, the word "jump" would have [1, ['verb', 'noun']] as its value in the dictionary.

Design the following in English

  1. a fitness function that takes into consideration the numbers of syllables in the words and, possibly, the words' formation of noun phrases, prepositional phrases, clauses and/or sentences;
  2. a mutational operator;
  3. a crossover operator;
  4. a starting population.
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The question is very broad, and I'm really not sure that the tag "Design patterns" is relevant for it as it stands right now.

I would suggest that you start out by focusing on point 1, and solve it to the minimum definition. If it were me, I would define the fitness function as simple "difference in number of syllables from a legal Haiku" and move on from there. That would give you a basis for experimentation.

Perhaps you could elaborate on how much you know about the domain? That would help me to give you a more focused answer.

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