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I have datetime in my table like this 01.08.2012 14:20 22.10.2012 10:02

i enter 2 dates(can i enter them just as 10.08.2012 or i have to add time to ) and i want to do this

 $sqlSelectMY='BDate >= "'.$fromDate.'" AND BDate <="'.$toDate.'"';

 "SELECT* FROM table  WHERE ".$sqlSelectMY.";";

I put the date clause in variable sqlSelectMy and than use it in the variable that i call the select from the mysql database i would like to see some examples if anyone can refer any to me thx. How to write the input dates that will do the thing that i need now with the code there is even if I input dates like i have at the top with time it doesnt do anything...

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what is your question? – Raptor Nov 5 '12 at 11:20
how to fix this because it doesnt make any result – Tony Nov 5 '12 at 11:20
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Use phps function substr() to fix the date format to be YYYY-MM-DD HH:II:SS and use that variable for fromDate and toDate variables , that should do it , I will edit soon with some working code soon as i write it down :)

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if you use this

'BDate >= "'.$fromDate.'" AND BDate <="'.$toDate.'"'

this will only select fromday upto today - 1 because of the time format;
You can use mysql date function to select datetime accurately

 $sqlSelectMY='DATE(BDate) >= "'.$fromDate.'" AND DATE(BDate) <="'.$toDate.'"';

this only select base on date of datetime.

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