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I'm testing database using ProviderTestCase2 super class. Here is my code snippet:

    public class MyProviderTest extends ProviderTestCase2<MyProvider>{

    private static MockContentResolver resolver;
    private static IsolatedContext context;
    public MetaDataProviderTest() {
    super(MyProvider.class, Provider.AUTHORITY);

protected void setUp() throws Exception {
        resolver = getMockContentResolver();

    } catch(Exception e){




   public void testfirst(){

   Cursor cursor =   resolver.query(ProviderContract.Channels.CHANNEL_URI,null,null,null,null);

When I debug the above code Im getting the passed result. When I run it, I get Null cursor implying there is no such table as channel. Please help in solving this. Where did I go wrong?

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There was race condition. Introduced delay in Setup(). It's working fine. But I don't know whether this is the exact solution.

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you should write the code :

MockContentResolver.addProvider(authority, yourprovider);

then have a try

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