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Is there any possibility to upload a file (for example: an image), to a site and to calculate the transfer rate?

I have some code that downloads an image from a specified url and calculates the transfer rate, using the java.net.Url class, something like:

long startTime = System.currentTimeMillis(); //start time

    System.out.println("Connecting  site...\n");

    URL url = new URL("http://....");
    InputStream reader = url.openStream();

    FileOutputStream writer = new FileOutputStream("D:/imagine.jpg");
    byte[] buffer = new byte[153600];
    int totalBytesRead = 0;
    int bytesRead = 0; 

    while ((bytesRead = reader.read(buffer)) > 0)
       writer.write(buffer, 0, bytesRead);
       buffer = new byte[153600];
       totalBytesRead += bytesRead;

    long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis();//end of download

    long elapsedTime=(endTime-startTime)/1000;//from miliseconds in seconds 

    System.out.println("ElapsedTime is " +elapsedTime +" s");

    int memory=new Integer(totalBytesRead);

    double memoryFinal=memory * 0.0009765625; //file in Kb

    System.out.println("File size: " +memoryFinal +"Kb");

    System.out.println("Speed :" + memoryFinal/elapsedTime + "Kbps");

I need something easy and useful. Thank you.

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Yes you can - but it is not simple.

POSTing a file to a server is not implemented in plain java URLConnection, but you have to implements the protocol.

Or, You can use org.apache.commons.httpclient


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I recommend the library Apache FileUpload.

You can implement a progress bar too. See this .


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