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I am predicting a value, I have 2 input layer and an output layer. Here is my code in which I have trained a PyBrain network and then tested it, I am missing how should I give a set of input to the network and how do I get the result. Please help me to proceed forward.

 ds = SupervisedDataSet(2,1)
 tf = open('data.csv','r')
 for line in tf.readlines():
 data = [float(x) for x in line.strip().split(',') if x != '']
 indata =  tuple(data[:2])
 outdata = tuple(data[2:])

 n = buildNetwork(ds.indim,8,8,ds.outdim,recurrent=True)
 t = BackpropTrainer(n,learningrate=0.01,momentum=0.5,verbose=True)

what I should do next to give an input and predict on the input, How do I get the result for that set of input. Thanks!!

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By calling the .activate() method of the network supplying your input. There's also a more practicle activate on dataset.

And a little tip, you may use the python's native csv module

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