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I am working on a pie chart where i have drawn arcs with known sweeping angles.Now i want to display labels in center of each Arc, or say draw a line from center of each Arc.

Given that i know center coordinates,start coordinates,sweep angle and radius,I want to Calculate the end coordinates.

I have also tried this by drawing a triangle matching all coordinates and use Distance formula also but i don't know how to solve equations in java.

Kindly provide me an appropriate solution.

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Work in vectors. Let the A be the vector from circle centre to the arc start. Calculate this by

A = start_point - centre

Let theta be the sweep angle (work in radians). Use a rotation matrix to rotate the arc start around the circle centre. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotation_matrix


newpoint_x = cos(theta)*A_x + sin(theta)*A_y
newpoint_y = -sin(theta)*A_x + cos(theta)*A_y

where A_x is x component of A (and similarly for A_y). Then

newpoint = centre + (newpoint_x,newpoint_y)

is the point you want. It may be that the point appears rotated the wrong way (anticlockwise) and if so, just use

theta = -theta

instead. This should work for you.

If you want to evaluate the mid-point of the arc, just use

theta = theta / 2
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thanx for ur answer. i almost got the idea but dont know how to use vectors(Mathematical) in java.. –  Amritpal Singh Nov 16 '12 at 9:46
StartAngle = atan2(StartY-CenterY, StartX - CenterX) 
EndX = CenterX + Radius * Cos(StartAngle + SweepAngle)
EndY = CenterY + Radius * Sin(StartAngle + SweepAngle)

Another way: Make matrix product of

shift by (Center - Start)
rotation by SweepAngle
back shift

and apply this matrix to start point (multply matrix and vector)

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thanx for ur support..the above stated method calculates the end points iff the SweepAngle<90. so for one case its working and others its not... –  Amritpal Singh Nov 16 '12 at 9:55

I am working on the Pie chart and I will draw labels on the midpoint between the start and end points of the arc.

  1. Take start point of the arc:

    Point2D p1 = arc.getStartPoint();
    Point2D p2 = arc.getEndPoint();
  2. Calculate the midpoint

    Point2D midpoint = new Point2D(

The point to draw on is midpoint.

The midpoint formula

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