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I have some general parameters I would like to share all along my application like path information ("baseurl"). Where would you ideally store this information in Silex?

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After writing this question I came across the ConfigServiceProvider: https://github.com/igorw/ConfigServiceProvider

You can store your config data in json or yml files and access them through $app["name.of.config.var"].

Replacements to add values dynamically to the config files on setup are also supported. The only thing I did not manage so far is to inject the baseurl via the $app["request"] api into the config files.

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I recommend that you get the baseUrl from the request directly when you need it. –  igorw Nov 5 '12 at 15:29

I would store it in Silex\Application. It's a DI-container based on Pimple, so you can just do:

$app['baseUrl'] = '/';

Since $app pretty much gets passed around everywhere, you will also have access to this everywhere.

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I have a config.php file which I include after the Application instance has been bootstrapped, it just sets config values on $app. This is the best solution. –  Maerlyn Nov 6 '12 at 7:38

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