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I want to include/upload some files from current directory to another directory as image shows. If i do this

    1. $currdir = getcwd();      
    2. chdir('/home');
    3. echo '<br/>'.getcwd();       
    4. chdir('/home/second/');
    5. echo '<br/>'.getcwd();       
    6. $dirs = array_filter(glob('*'), 'is_dir');
    7. print_r($dirs);
    8. chdir($currdir);

It's show subdirectory list properly

But if i change line 4 to chdir('/home/first/'); It give me empty array.

How i can read/include/upload files from directory structure like this.

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you can use the

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you can use function called as system('Cd /home/First/Publich_Html'); Or chdir('../home/second/');

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