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I'm trying to export an HTML page to PDF with ABCpdf. The text converts OK but the charts are very blurry. I've tried increasing the font size and it helps very little. What could be the solution?

EDIT: I'm using the charts if that helps.

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You'll need to output the charts at a higher DPI. Not sure if you can do this with abcpdf though.

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That doesn't seem to help much, I had already tried that. – Iceman Nov 5 '12 at 13:21

I am assuming your chats are images? If so the reason for the blur is that the DPI on the HTML image is 72 DPI and the DPI of the rendered pdf is 300 DPI.

The only way I know round this is to have the images in the HTML a much higher resolution (300 DPI) then reduce the size with a set height and width on the page. When ABCPdf imports the image it will download the source and look much nicer.

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