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What is the right way to show graphic image on canvas? I have object aImage from:

(ImageReader fromFile: 'clockface.jpg') image.

I made via GUIBuilder(new canvas->install) new Class called ClockWindow:

 (...)superclass: #{UI.ApplicationModel}(...)

and method initialize:

|img  gc|
img:=(ImageReader fromFile: 'clockface.jpg') image.
img convertForGraphicsDevice: Screen default.
gc := ScreenGraphicsContext new.
img displayOn: gc.
gc displayOn: self.

but I got error: messageNotUnderstood: representImage: anImage forMedium: medium in line with: " img displayOn: gc."

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The easiest way is to use a label with an image. Here's how:

  1. Define a class method called clockFace which returns the image
  <resource: #image>
  ^(ImageReader fromFile: 'clockface.jpg') image
  1. Add a Label to the UI

  2. Click on "Label Is Image"

  3. For the message, use #clockFace

It will be slow to load the clock face image from a file all the time. To fix that, go to the clockFace method, choose "Edit" then in the ImageEditor use "install". This replaces the code that loads the image from a file with an equivalent method that stores the image in a method.

For extra brownie points, you can create another class method to give you a CachedImage. A CachedImage will redisplay on a UI faster because it doesn't have to convert the image into the screen's palette each time it displays. Just create a class method called clockFaceCachedImage like this:

  ^CachedImage on: self clockFace

You can now use clockFaceCachedImage as the message for the label.

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So. Let's go level up. I want to draw some shapes and images on a graphic context. How to display this context as a part of canvas (GuiPainter)? –  borovsky Nov 7 '12 at 13:44
For that you want a custom view. Create a subclass of View and override displayOn: to draw your graphics on the graphics context. To add it to a UIPainter window, add a viewHolder and for the View: field, enter the name of a method in your class that returns the custom view. You probably want to cache it in an instance variable once you create it. –  David Buck Nov 8 '12 at 22:20

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