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I need some how to add a link a Test Case with a Test Result of this tc.

So, I open the Test Case, go in the All Links tab and select Link to. In the Link Type I choose Test Result but the following message appears:

enter image description here

Now, if I follow the instructions of the message, the test result is already linked with the test case (it is automatically linked when the test result is created). But, I want the other way round. Through the test case to open a specific test result. Is that possible?

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It sounds like the link is there, but you are trying to navigate form the test case to the test results. I would say that it is a bug that the link to Test Results don't appear in the Links section.

The best I can suggest is to go to the "Test" section (top nav bar), then go to "Analyze Test Runs". There you can select a test run and for each test case there is a View Results button.

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This is not exactly what I want. I want the test result to exist as a link in the test case. When a test case fails with Analysis = Test Issue then this test case must be reviewed, and I want to have a reference to the Test Result that caused the review. – Schaliasos Nov 9 '12 at 11:01

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