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I have a dual sim android phone. I am using a custom broadcast receiver which reads incoming messages with no problem. I wonder if there is a way to find out which sim received the message.

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You can get the active sim's info by using TelephonyManager. FOr example, it's serial number.

TelephonyManager telephoneMgr = (TelephonyManager) ctx.getSystemService(Context.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);

String simSerial = telephoneMgr.getSimSerialNumber();

You could also get the line1Number, if your network operator has put your number in there, you could compare it to the number you got on the to> field in the SMS message.

String phoneNumber = telephoneMgr.getLine1Number();

Hope it helps

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First hope!!! will give a try. thanks @marcel –  Seshu Vinay Dec 18 '12 at 3:46

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