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My implementation of httpclient occasionally throws an exception when calling doGetConnection(). However, I have the following timeout set


it looks almost like my timeout is not being picked up. Is there anywhere else I need to set a timeout to ensure this behaviour does not re-occur

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What exception are you getting thrown ?

Don't forget you have two timeouts to change/check. From HttpConnectionParams


so you can control how long you wait for a connection to the server, and how long operations on the socket can take before timing out.

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Docs seem to indicate that SO_TIMEOUT is max allowed time for the server to be unresponsive since the last received TCP packet.… – Boris B. Jan 27 '14 at 19:58
    HttpConnectionManagerParams cmparams = new HttpConnectionManagerParams();
    HttpConnectionManager manager = new SimpleHttpConnectionManager();
    params = new HttpClientParams();
    client = new HttpClient(params, manager);

I wonder why I have two different SoTimeouts set. Maybe I was trying to find out which one was actually active, as I had the same problems as you when I used it.

The above is in live code at our place right now, but I cannot say whether it works because it's correct, or because providence is smiling down on me (and the other end is usually always available).

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This one is for all HttpClient by default.


And this one is for a particular httpclient.

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