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I need a clean way to check for the existence of a dynamic attribute on an embedded Mongoid model instance.

This works for a top level model;


But my coordinates are stored in an embedded model, locations. The following throws an undefined method error;


Anyone know a way to do this?

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Because it seems the locations is an array of embedded documents. probably has many relationship.

There is no method name attributes for an data type array. Thats why you are getting the undefined error. You can fix that by


or check the coordinates member in whole array using

  account.locations.map {|x| [x.id,x.attributes.member? 'coordinates'] }
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I ended up with the following because I can't even depend on the locations attribute being there;

if @account.locations? if !@account.locations[0].coordinates? if @account.locations[0].coordinates.blank? #do something end end end

Kind of messy but it works.
Thanks for the response Ramesh!

note, for some reason I cant get the code formatting to work... sorry

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