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I have a problem finding out the highest value of one row of a multidimensional array.

The array is like:


I am looping from 1 to 31 (the days of a month) to receive the number of events on the day $days.

For the next step I need to know the highest index (value) of the events row. (Can be any number from 0 to 1293xxxx)

I have already tried count, but it just returns the number of events, not the last event index.

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First make an array which contain each day's higher value with max(), then use max() on this new array and you're ok

$cnt = 0;
$tab = array();
while (isset($array[$cnt]))
    $tab[] = max($array[$cnt]);
$maxvalue = max($tab);

EDIT: sorry i didn't understand, what i wrote will take the global hightest.

You just need to use max() on the table you want. Good luck

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max() [function.max]: When only one parameter is given, it must be an array in .../calendar.inc.php on line 382 when I use $maxi = max($array[$days][events]); –  elasticman Nov 5 '12 at 13:37
Use $maxi = max($array[$days]) –  Weacked Nov 5 '12 at 13:48

Try this

for ($i = 0; $i <= 31; $i++) {
  ksort($array[$i], SORT_NUMERIC);
  $events[$i] = key($events);
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