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IN EF can I add a check constraint so if my CustomerNotes entity has a boolean "FollowUpRequired" property I force user to enter a valid future date in the "FollowUpDate" property?

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EF does not currently support Check constraints.

That is, you cannot apply an attribute to an entity, and expect it to generate the appropriate SQL to create the Check constrint in the underlying database.

One way around this when using Code First Data Migrations (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/adonet/archive/2012/02/09/ef-4-3-code-based-migrations-walkthrough.aspx) is to generate a migration and add an Sql() line in there


Sql("ALTER TABLE foo ADD CONSTRAINT CK_Some_Check CHECK (SomeDate > '20121110 00:00:00.000'");

Also see this question and answer for some further information: Is it possible to express a check constraint?

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